And the Stress Continues


All I will say about ALW is that he continues to be Mr. Flip-Flop (Hey, I finally found a name for him that doesn’t involve profanity, woot!). If I continue, I will go off on a cussing tirade. I want the opposite of that, stress free. But how can I accomplish this, and quickly? Very quickly!

So far my plan is to finish this, finish one of my essays, then go home and nerd out on AC4. If I do that maybe I can avoid a complete break down. I want to curl into a corner with my teddy bear, that’s really a frog, and cry. But I’m too round to curl, let alone fit into a corner. Bet, I will still snuggle with my teddy bear-frog though.

On a lighter note, the video game enthusiasts I attend school with are the epitome of the word nerd. I mean that in the most loving way possible. They are making me giggle, after all. They have the goofy hair cuts, pants pulled up too high (better than too low, I say), nasally voices, thick glasses, and squinty eyes. All the while they are holding a politically correct debate about video games as they beat each other on Super Smash Bros. Interesting at the very least.

Let class begin.


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