It’s Halloween!?



So….yea, today is Halloween, guys. In case you forgot like I keep doing.

I couldn’t tell you how many times I forgot. I saw posts all day and it was almost as if it was only Halloween in everyone else’s world except mine. As though we live, not in different places, but in a different time paradox where I’m a day ahead of everyone.

I went out today with Baby O and Baby L to trick-or-treat at the mall with their mommy and daddy and as I was pulling out of my neighborhood I see all these kids dressed up and running around all over the place. I ask myself, “What the hell is going on??” A real forehead slapping moment there for me. DUH, MOM!

Luckily, while I was at the mall, I didn’t forget why there were twenty million children dressed up in costumes with their faces painted up. I had a solid forty-five minutes where, in my world, it was the only day where it is socially acceptable to run up to a stranger and take candy instead of running away when offered to them.

The second I sat in my car and drove off from the mall, Halloween was over. The traffic leading to and from the mall became a complete mystery to me. I turned on a road towards my house that I have taken every single day for the last four years and realized after sometime later that I was lost. I WAS LOST IN MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD! “Where am I and how do I get home?” I knew as pregnancy progressed I would suffer from forgetfulness, but complete amnesia? You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, at least I didn’t put the milk in the pantry. Or did I? Nope, no I didn’t, phew.

That isn’t all though. I still couldn’t remember it was Halloween as I finally found my way to my street and was turning on my road. “Why are all these goofy looking people walking in the middle of the road? Wow, there sure are a lot of them out tonight. HOLY CRAP, GET OUT OF THE ROAD KID, I ALMOST KILLED YOU.”

This has been my 2013 Pregnant Halloween.


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