Herman the Humit


I may be overloading some of you with blogs lately and I apologize for the overload but baby is coming any day now so I’m getting in what I can before the blogging comes to a temporary halt.

Everyday is different with this pregnancy as far as how I feel emotionally. Today, I am used to being pregnant now and okay with it. If he doesn’t want to come out then whatever, his choice. But it is getting painful so if decides not to come out he has to stop growing. It is fascinating what you can feel your child doing. There are some days I can feel him move his fingers, HIS FINGERS! They are so tiny I could probably fit dozens of little baby fingers in my hand. He likes to tickle me with those little fingers. Just wait till your born, boy-o, the tickle war will really be on then.

I want to say that is one of the few moments that his movements do not cause pain or discomfort. He’s incredibly long now. He can shove a foot into my rib now while he pushes his head into my pelvis, a habit he’s formed in the last two days or so. He also enjoys waking me up in the middle of the night doing this or causing them annoying braxton hicks. There have been a couple of times now that I am woken out of a dead sleep. Eyes pop wide open and shouting, “OW WHAT THE HELL!?” He finds this quite amusing. I swear, I feel him giggling in there when he does this. He’s a diabolical little thing, my son.

We will see tomorrow where things stand with this pregnancy when I see the doc. Will he be ready to come out and see mommy’s face or will he be my little human-hermit? My Herman! Haha we’re changing his name, Herman the humit! Finger’s crossed the doctor does another sonogram and I see his precious face again!!


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