“Why aren’t you as big as she is?”


Tomorrow is the big day. Well, not in the sense that the baby is coming tomorrow, unless it goes down like my aunt’s pregnancy. Have contraction after contraction without knowing it and get told by the doctor that I’m in labor. But let’s cross our finger’s, shall we?

No, tomorrow is the big day in that I go to the doctor again (feels like just yesterday I was there) and get told how big around I am. Also, in that, Mr. Flip-flop FINALLY answered the question I’ve been asking for almost a week, “are you going to my next appointment and are we going to talk, after, about the delivery, labor, and first few months of how we will handle baby’s care?” He said yes but we’ll see. I swear though, if he asks me one more time about formula I’m going to scream like a tea kettle. Toe’s crossed, wish me luck in that he doesn’t drive me absolutely bonkers and that he isn’t caught in a lie as to why he isn’t paying for the circumcision, as promised four weeks ago.

In other news, I’d like to kindly educate those who are unaware of some pregnancy etiquette.

Never comment on how big a pregnant woman is.

Never comment on anything to do with her weight or looks unless you are telling her how pretty she is.

Never compare her size to another pregnant woman.

One of my classmates was blissfully unaware of this today. There is another girl in my class who is also pregnant but not as vocal about it as I am. I am very open with my teachers about my pregnancy and how I’m progressing, after all I wouldn’t want them surprised should I go into labor in their class. She, on the other hand, is not and only just spoke up about it today, with two weeks left in the quarter. To her credit though she isn’t due to have her baby at the beginning of the last week of school. In fact, she isn’t due until January. She also wears baggier shirts and jackets which hide much of her belly, today I wore a fairly tight shirt that accented just how big my belly is and how ready I am to POP. This poor, unknowledgeable gentleman looks at me then at her and asks her, “Why aren’t you as big as she is?” pointing at me. Ooohhh, if I had been in any other mood the world would have come to a screeching halt, however, I handled it with dignity and he did not (as my cousin says) “end up in a pool of his own blood.” I am quite proud of this. I simply turned to him and said, “WOW, thanks for that. For future reference, I wouldn’t bring up the size of a pregnant woman again in her presence. That generally isn’t a topic of choice, also I may not be much further but I am further along than she is.” To his credit, he sincerely apologized for the remark but it still stung. Not nearly as bad as it would have a few months ago because now I’m so over this. I’m just ready for him to be here that I care less. I do still care, just less.

Just be mindful of what you say and how you say it. I hear a lot of other pregnant women aren’t as forgiving or nice as I am. Happy Monday, all (almost Tuesday.)


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