Congrat’s to a Specific U.S. Navy Sailor. Suggestions Welcomed and Encouraged!


I totally do not have the time to blog right now, but I must share the good news!

Mr. Love made Second Class today!! For those who do not know, he is in the Navy and second class is kinda a big deal. Aw, who am I kidding? It is SUCH a big deal. Especially since he worked so hard for it and is also currently at sea working super-duper crazy with next to no sleep. Normally, when he is at sea, I receive an email from him at least every other day if not everyday, but things are so hectic for him right now that I have only heard from him twice in the last couple of weeks. So, this news couldn’t have come at a better time for him. I can only imagine how much it lifted his spirits to hear that news today.

I can hardly contain my excitement for him! I am so proud of him and the hard work he’s put into everything. It seems as though, the oversized care package I recently sent him wasn’t big enough now. I feel like he deserves more. Don’t get me wrong, he was totally spoiled in this package. He got a rifle magazine, some guy magazine (not playboy but sortof like playboy, I want to say hustler but I feel like that’s wrong. Maybe it was playboy…) a Time magazine, National Geographic, a few copies of the news paper from home, an Archie comic, some puzzle books, Uno cards, koolaid drops for his water, Dr. Scholl’s inserts, band aides, cigarettes, an extra blanket, salted peanuts, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, every imaginable candy he has shown any type of love for, a family picture taken before he joined the Navy, a collage of him and his friends and things he enjoys doing, and so much other crap I can’t even remember. I know it was big and it was heavy and difficult to carry into the post office with my big belly because not only was my child sitting on my bladder but so was this huge box. Not to mention that upon opening the box each flap was beautifully decorated (I wish I took pictures of it, darn) one side had a fox stating, “meow?” I don’t think the fox even knows what he says. Another flap taunted his college team, Georgia Bulldogs. It was a must seeing as I am a Florida Gator fan. How we’ve made it work for so long is beyond my comprehension. I’ve learned to no longer question it and to just go with it.

Wow, I went WAY off topic (this is why I was bad at my English classes in the past.) So, I would like to do something nice for him as a further congrats on his achievement. I’m not going to send him anything else because the odds are slim it will get to him before he gets back into port by the time I can afford to mail it off so I have settled for cooking him a delicious meal and dessert when he comes home. If there is one thing he loves, its food! (We used to have eating contests, who could eat more in one sitting. So when he left I finally started losing some weight but could no longer out eat him.) But, I can’t figure out what to make him. I need help. I am fantastic with chicken, I love cooking chicken and I’m really good at it but there are just so many things you can do with it, I cannot make up my mind. My cousin and I decided to make him a cake for dessert with homemade buttercream icing, but again, I find myself in a rut. What kind of cake? What flavor icing?

AHHH! So many choices. Help me, you guys! What should I make for him? I must start planning now!


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