To Blog or Not To Blog


Why is it always blogging that distracts me from stuff? (And I mean important stuff.) Like, right now, I should be making sure my notebook is in order for early grading cause who knows where I will be next week. Although with how this pregnancy is going so far, no closer to having a baby. Why do I have the feeling that my son’s motto in life is going to be, “revenge is a dish best served cold?” He’s bidding his time. Ohhh lordy. At least he’ll be a patient person, right? That’s the vibe I’m getting anyways.

I initially had a point to this blog, now I don’t remember it. So we’re here again wasting your time. Haha, I LOVE it!

One fun fact about my pregnancy, since day one, every single morning I sneeze while I’m eating breakfast. Usually I can fight it off long enough to finish what’s in my mouth but when I do that I always have to sneeze a second time and that one always catches me. This morning, half eaten French toast everywhere! GROSS!

You think in France they call French toast, American toast?

I thought I shielded the spray of French toast pretty decently from making a complete mess this morning but I’m still finding pieces. Good thing I have a strong stomach. I need a shower. I just found some on my back, don’t ask me how.


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