Just Between You and Me


So, internet folks, just between you and I, I am in the hospital. I have been here for the last 41 hours been in the process of being induced for the last 37 hours. I’m almost there! Pray that this induction works otherwise it’s a c-section for this gal. No bueno!

For those who heard my presentation Wednesday on why one should adopt over producing their own child, I left one tiny detail out. IT F%&$ING HURTS! More than anything, no eating or drinking. That’s right, guys and gals, no food for me in the last 44 and a half hours unless you’d like to count ice chips and if you do I will punch you in your flipping face!!

I apologize, that would be the labor speaking. It hurts and it’s still too early for me to get any pain meds. I’m too delusional to write more.

Happy eating, people!


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  1. I hate that hospitals don’t let you eat or drink while in labor. My midwives actually encouraged it, because it gives you energy! Maybe someone can sneak you a little something? Even a spoonful of honey will do you a world of good.

    Here’s to a beautiful baby…VERY SOON!

    • Thank you! My cousin wanted to sneak me in some McDonalds yesterday but I can’t get up to get to the bathroom because of the monitors and IVs and countless other cords protruding from my body. She did bring me a snickers though! That was heaven!!

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