I Forgot to Just Save this Until Tomorrow


Dearest Baby Boy,

You will have a to explain excuse any gobble-dee-goop that may find its way into your letter. It is because, you are very possibly more stubborn than I ever hoped to be.

You are just barely 8 hours old. After 46 hours of labor, of course I am on a tumultuous amount of medication. Then add to everything, the c-section I ultimately took in the end. But you know what, son? You are the most precious, glorious, and best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t change a thing. Well maybe the length of time spent in the hospital, the amount of pain (but thank goodness for hospital drugss!) and endless amount of cords gushing from my body. Let’s put it this way; I’m more complicated than stereo instructions.

Son, I apologize but I must pick this back up tomorrow. I have very little control over my hands right now and the ongoing threat of passing out right here and now. Drugs are bad, son. You’re never allowed to do them.

I love you forever and always and more,

P.S. The first thing your Nona said about you when you were born, “He’s perfect in every way.”


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  1. Congratulations!!! Glad that he is here and you’re both doing well! Post-partum, yes, well, sucks. :-/ MIne was 8 months ago and I’m not sure I’m completely over the trauma yet, and my labor was only 24 hours!

    • Thank you. We are glad to finally be home and not have to worry about nurses waking him up after I finally get him to sleep. The only thing I keep replaying about the endless labor is what happened in the OR. The second I heard his cry, I still cry from happiness at that moment. Everything before and after that moment is a blur due to all the medication I was on haha.

      • I remember our first couple weeks just being a blur. Night runs into day, it’s all the same, and it was really hard for me to settle down and remember that my only two jobs were to feed him and feed me! I hope you’re having an easy time of both of those things and enjoy being cozy at home!

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