A Proud Mommy


My precious little boy is doing so well! I’m amazed everyday by his accomplishments. He’s trying to smile bigger and more everyday while his neck gets stronger and has the ability to hold his head more steady and he’s only three weeks old! He is also an amazing sleeper.

But the weekends have been a fussy time for my little angel. It’s the only time his routine is thoroughly thrown off. Between the holidays going to visit family itching to hold him and his father and Mimi coming to see him, Saturdays are his least favorite day of the week so far, but he’s hanging in there like the champ that he is.

I find myself gazing at him as he sleeps and still can’t believe that I created him. That he is MY SON, an offspring of my flesh and he looks so much like me. Born with dark hair, just like his momma, and his eyes grow darker everyday teasing us with possibilities of brown eyes. Nothing else exists in my world but him and nothing makes me happier than seeing his beautiful face.


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