Happy Birthday DC!

Happy Birthday DC!

Holy goodness gracious! You’re 2 months old! Are you really? No, you can’t be. There is no way that just two months ago at this time I was watching you sleep in your bassinet at the hospital telling myself, “I created this beautiful creature and delivered him merely hours ago.”

As I lay here writing this you lay sleeping beside me, clinging to my arm. This image is the epitome of us. The two of us alone in our room, laying in this big bed (well big for us. It’s only a full size. One day I’ll graduate to a queen. Our goal is a Cali king. Ooh yea.), as I feed you from the body that created you. Just me and you, just you and me. It’s only us against the world and so far we’re kicking its ass! Don’t say ass. I swear if you say it you’re grounded. I love you.

That is something I am struggling with, my language in front of you. I try REALLY hard but it slips out. Yet around your grandparents I have no problem. Go figure. Just don’t tell them you learned those words from me. ESPECIALLY don’t tell your mema, oh lord. She’ll definitely have my aaa-butt.

You are progressing so fantastically and I couldn’t be more proud. You are starting to form your own little personality. Your hair that fell out is finally starting to grow back. Once so Blond it blended with your scalp it now is beginning to darken and take after my hair. I know it’s still too soon to say for sure what your eye color is, but it no longer changes from Brown to blue to green to Grey. It is now a steady dark brown almost black occasionally turning a dark Grey.

And your cheeks!

OH MY GOD YOUR CHEEKS! Soooooooo chubby and getting chubbier. Again you can thank your momma for that. You hold your head up with no problem at all. But then you’ve never had too much trouble with that. You still don’t care much for tummy time which doesn’t make sense cause when you’re tired you prefer to be on your stomach. You’re a confusing little booger. By the way, you produce a mass quantity of boogers. You’re lucky I love you and don’t mind cleaning out that nose of yours although I’m pretty sure you would prefer that I not shove a big blue suctioning bulb up your nose. I know I wouldn’t like it.

Another unbelievably fact: you’re SO long. Like crazy long. I swear that you’re already half my size and you can’t even stand up yet. And you have such long feet. You’re growing so fast. Way faster than every one told me you would.

You’re smiling now. Possibly due to gas but hey I’ll take it! And you love talking. Especially first thing in the morning. On days I don’t have to wake up early for school and work we stay in bed for a few extra minutes and just chat and giggle our little heads off. I pray that we can continue to keep that line of communication open. I don’t care how old you are or if we’re mad at each other or what time it is, you can ALWAYS talk to me about anything.

I will be your parent first and your very best friend in a close second. Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever come before you in my life. You are the love of my life and my sunshine. You make my skies the clearest blue I’ve ever seen. “Please don’t ever take my blue skies away.”



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