Three Month Open Letter

Three Month Open Letter

My precious genius! You’re three months old already. How could this be? You are growing and learning so much, so quickly. I can officially say that your smiles are no longer caused by gas but by your genuine delight and glee. You are also laughing now, as well. And although by the time you read this you may not think so, right now, you think I am the funniest person on the planet.

Another fact you may deny once you’re older is, at this young age you already feel separation anxiety when you’re away from me. It annoys me when I want to get chores done and want you to sit in your swing or jumper but it also fills my heart with a love you’ll never know until you have kids of your own. Because I know that there is no one else who can console you like I can and there, in fact, isn’t a love like any other than your mothers. And you show me that every day in everything you do.

You’re trying to be a great sleeper for mommy. So far this week you’ve had two nights you slept 8 straight hours! But mommy had to ruin that good run with your very first road trip to see Aunty Tequila. You did great on your first trip considering you grew out of nearly all your clothes and look like you’re dealing with mouth pain.

You also grabbed the bottle on your own. You aren’t fed from the bottle very often but your aunt wanted to bond with you so I caved. I learned so much from you on this short trip.

But most of all, I learned exactly how much like me you really are. You are a full out mini me. And you are already so independent. You want, so bad, to be able to do your own thing and to move around on your own. Keep that up, kid. That attitude will get you far in life.

I love you so much!


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