The Letter of the Day…


Today’s letter of the day is P!

P is for poop-splosion!

The proper definition of the term is when a poop accident is so bad you wonder what the hell is the purpose of a diaper. When, in fact, the onsie, pants, or PJs have suddenly turned into cloth diapers.

The act of this, so called, “accident” is then followed by the very serious consideration of cutting off said article of clothing in hopes of avoiding an even bigger mess. DO IT. Or else, it will get messier. If one decides to forego the surgical removal of, the now, cloth diaper, odds are the one removing it will regret not taking the easier route.

It is also wise to place the child that is now laughing at your misfortune in the sink in order to contain the mess while the a cleaning device may be prepared. It is not frowned upon to take this moment to laugh at the child’s misfortune of sitting in a cold sink. This will be the only laugh one will get during this disgusting travesty.

It is wise to prepare a sprayer instead of sitting water. Since the child has pooped, he will find it necessary to pee. In the sitting water. As soon as you place him in it. Make less work for yourself and hose the kid down.

You’re welcome.


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