What Children will Learn


Hiatus over but then again I can never stay away from you very long. You’re all like meth, I just can’t get enough! For the record, I’ve never tried meth. But I imagine it’s as addictive as all of you are to me.

Today had been one of those good but extremely unproductive days. I was suppose to get DC down for bed then do homework and study for midterms that start tomorrow, but instead I went and hung out with my cousin. And drank a beer….or two. Ok three, but that’s IT!

I have been awakened recently at exactly how successful I must be in order to properly care for DC in the way I would like. I spent my childhood watching my own parents struggle to make ends meet and I always swore I would learn from their mistakes and not go through what they did. I have discovered new struggles that they haven’t experienced, that’s for sure, but now I need to step it up. I also have opportunities they did not have.

When I first started looking at culinary schools I only intended to go for the baking and pastry certificate until my admissions advisor did her job and advised me that if I take a couple more classes and I’ll have my AA. Why not really make it worth my while? I entered into it with the intention of only making my resumes look better with that flashy degree and influence potential employers to pay me more. I did not want to run my only restaurant YET. Doing so will take away from me doing what I really love. Which is being in the thick of it; slammed, balls to the wall, with orders, calling times, cooking great food and having a great time. Call me crazy but to me it’s always been a number game and I am a math fiend. “Ticket times are suppose to be 8 minutes. I had 7 minute ticket times. Bet you tomorrow we can have 6!” I’m crazy about it. I love, love, LOVE it!!

However, while visiting with a family friend today, it was brought to my attention that he and my uncle have been looking for something to invest in. So he asked me if I intended on opening my own restaurant. As we talked about it I thought about it more seriously as we discussed locations, menus, client base, etc. I know my true dream is to open my own restaurant. It has been since I was 16 and first entered the food industry. I think what has deterred me from that idea was as I got older I learned more facts: most businesses shut down within the first three years, being an owner of a restaurant I won’t be able to cook as much as I would like (since I’ll be doing owner stuff), it costs A LOT (like a stupid, ridiculous amount) of money to get up and running and a lot of other things that give me doubt. But what kind of mother would I be if I tell my son every single day he can be and do anything he wants in life when I, myself, do not push myself to my full potential? I wouldn’t just be cutting myself short, I would be cutting him short as well as teaching him self-doubt. I have to teach him that even if we fail it doesn’t mean we are failures, it just means we take risks to make our dreams come true. And what better way to teach that than to lead by example?

It doesn’t hurt that in school they teach us (duh) how to be successful. How to not be that statistic that fails within three years. I already have a menu for a hypothetical restaurant and am working on a business plan for said hypothetical restaurant. Not to mention I also have a layout for my potential kitchen and dining room! I could be successful with my store! I may not have a great menu yet because I kind of half-assed it but the idea I have for my menu is GOLD! Vegans and gluten-free are growing more and more popular as well as sugar free and everything fresh from “local farmers.” Just get the right location with the right price and I’ll be booming!

I hate the thought of failing. Especially with family potentially investing but I would rather fail and tell my boy I tried than tell him I never tried because I was afraid. How could ever expect him to chase his dreams if I’m too afraid to chase after my own?


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  1. It is so awesome to be passionate about what u do! I think it is great you are working hard at both work and school and being a great mom…this is already setting the right type of example!e!

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