Five Month Open Letter

Five Month Open Letter

My beautiful, amazing bundle of joy that I have been so blessed to call my son

Today marks your five months spent on this earth. You are the smartest baby in the world! But I could be a bit biased. From day one we have been teaching you Spanish. In fact one of the first times I spoke to you after you were born was in Spanish. The only thing is, when we ask you where your toes are in Spanish, you got it! But if asked in English you give us a slightly puzzled look. You also know your hands and that one you know in Spanish and English. Anytime you’re doing an activity and appear to want to get up from it I tell you, “show mommy you’re done by giving her your hands.” And you do it! If you give one hand and I ask for the other you do that too!

You have started eating baby food on the regular and you absolutely love peas. Not so much carrots, it seems, but that isn’t much of a surprise. I don’t care for carrots either. The peas though, that was a surprise.

You have had one night so far that you slept through the night AND in your own room. You scared mommy to death. Give me a heads up next time you plan on sleeping like that again. Thanks! Ever since that night, like clockwork, you now wake up at 1:30AM for your nighttime feeding. I’d like to start weening you off the midnight snacks but you will not go back to sleep unless you’re nursing. You adamantly scream bloody murder until the whole house is awake and glaring at me for allowing their sleep to be so rudely interrupted.

We still do tummy time and you now boot, scoot, n boogey across the floor on your belly although you would rather run everywhere. But before that can happen you have to get the hang of putting one foot in front of the other, oh, and balance. That would help too.

You are trying to say actual words and I’m pretty sure you’ve said momma a couple of times. You’ve definitely said dada several times and today it sounded like you said Nona. But I’m not counting any of them as actual words because (1) we don’t even say dada in this house and (2) I think you’re just practicing enunciating.

Speaking of dada’s, we still haven’t heard from yours. Your Mimi still comes to see you and brings you diapers and toys. I’m sorry that in the last month you haven’t been able to see her but you’ve been sick (Thank your school friends.) and when you were finally better she was sick. This year has been crazy. It was the coldest winter this year and it’s the worst cold/flu season. I think with your birth, you brought the plague. Just kidding! But, really, why does all this happen right after you are born? It’s pretty coincidental to me.

Either way though, I’m so proud of you and everything you do. You are the best little boy in the world and I love you.

To endless months and years with you!


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