2013 MD vs. 2014 MD


Today has been a great big bowl of surreal. Mother’s day of 2013 feels like a lifetime ago. One that holds a life I’ll never go back to.

On mother’s day of last year I was about 10 weeks pregnant. Only my aunt and my parents were aware of my pregnancy. And I was completely miserable. Throughout the day spent with family I fought back demons that urged me to find solitude and wallow in the depression that desperately fought to eat me alive. With me was Mr. FF at the family function. I was under the delusion that in order to provide the best for my son I would have to sacrifice my happiness and wellbeing and make it work with his father. So there he was…annoying the living hell out of me, pissing my family off, and as usual, being disgustingly vulgar, by trying to force his tongue down my throat in front of my family and very young cousins.

Today, though, was beautiful! No, actually, this entire weekend was. Minus my son’s mother’s day poop-splosion gift. That, I could have done without. But I got a beautiful mother’s day gift from DC made at school.


"I'm your little flower, Mom, help me bloom and grow."

(I think it’s funny that these people think I have time to grow anything. But we’ll give it a shot. Let’s not forget, also, that the first thing DC did with it was rip it out of the dirt. That plus my brown thumb will equal amazing beautiful plant, right?) I also got a new job working in a bakery at my local super market, had a fantastic time with my son at a bbq, and was spoiled by my father by being treated to lunch and dinner and was giving money to put towards DC’s first out of state trip.

Life is amazing. When things are down, never lose hope. It gets better, you just have to work for it. Happy mother’s day, all!


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    • 🙂 Thanks! I’m going today to get my drug test done then I’ll be able to start once they get the results back and I’ll be contacting my boss at the cupcake place and say, “deuces, bitches!” …well maybe not those exact words.

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