Cut Out the Over-Complicated


Hello again readers! It’s so nice to have another chance to blog so soon. Especially with all the craziness currently swallowing my life. I’ll admit it, I’m finding it rather difficult keeping my head up and staying positive but I have come to accept things as there are and take it one day at a time. This helps keep the smile on my face which in turn keeps those I interact with pleasant.

Amongst the chaos I have decided to start weening DC from breast milk. We have been able to reach my first goal of breastfeeding for 6 months. We have started supplementing, which he isn’t thrilled about but I can’t keep up. Our refrigerator has gone on the fritz causing everything in it to go bad, including his milk, giving me nowhere to store any pumped milk without driving an extra 20 minutes everyday for the needed milk. (Forget thawing time and still nowhere to store it.) Let us also add to the fact that being in cooking classes isn’t exactly an ideal setting to walk away to spend 20-30 minutes to pump milk. Fellow team members are understanding to the need to step away until you are late plating because they have their own recipes to make and are unable to keep up with yours. Then there’s work. Yes I get a thirty minute break but I those thirty minutes I must buy lunch, cook lunch, pump, and try to relax. Giving me a total of 2 minutes of me time if I’m lucky.

So to save me from internal combustion I have removed one more task from my daily to-do list in hopes of simplifying my life while I complete this quarter. Here’s hoping my head doesn’t explode before then.


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