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Gaming Appreciation


Gaming Appreciation

Today’s blog is brought to you by Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag.

I am ecstatic to be picking up my reserved copy tonight! For those of you who did not reserve your copy, you have to wait until tomorrow. Shh, don’t tell little man how excited I am for this game, he might get offended.

I love ubisoft for coming out with this game so soon. I have time, not only to buy it before my son is born, but to play and beat one more game before diapers and bottles and sleep deprivation replace my gaming for the next several years.

Video game life, I will miss you dearly. The next time I see you again will be in the toddler video game world. Hopefully, by then though he’ll be decently sleep trained so that mommy can have video game time after bed time but I’m not counting on it much

*Right hand on game case* I promise, I will take full advantage of my last video game as a single, childless gamer until we meet again when my chid will be introduced to the gaming world.