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Zombies Erased the Weekend


I started my day off like any other day: grumbling, cranky, hungry, and desperate for a frappe. I headed off to school and sat in my English Comp 2 classroom when some of the most unfamiliar faces began to fill the room. I was confused beyond anything I could imagine. Then I realized, its Friday. Here goes my pregnancy amnesia again. But SOMETHING in me was functioning right, I had the right books for a Friday class just the wrong classroom. I was fully intending on showing up to a doctors appointment three days early and blowing off work unintentionally, now I have to go to work tomorrow, bummer. I arrived home later and began cleaning, meanwhile, forgetting again that it is Friday. I stepped outside to take out garbage and opened the can and it was full. Frustrated, I could not believe we missed the trash guy today. I remembered hearing him this morning. We never miss trash day. Three of us walk by it before the truck gets to our house. How could we have forgotten? As I checked the time on my phone, in big bold lettering, it screams, “FRIDAY.” Another forehead slapping moment (I’ve been doing that a lot lately.) Sorry, parental units, for getting mad at y’all in my head.

Then, everything came together! I was leaving for the grocery store and I drove past a bank who had posted on their marquee (true story), “Beware of zombies!” (I would have taken a picture for those who are skeptic but it is DANGEROUS to drive while messing with a cell phone, people. Oh yea,I’m pointing fingers.) Y’all may not know, because the military and the local media are doing what they can to keep it quiet, but zombie attacks have begun. Their first plan of action was to obliterate Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I do not have enough Intel, yet, to determine what their next move is. Unfortunately, Mr. Love doesn’t have security clearance for this sensitive information and is currently of no use to me concerning this frightening event. Prepare yourselves people, if these zombies are anything like the zombies on World War Z I can say with confidence, “We’re f%*@ed!” So, stock up accordingly. Non-perishable foods, bottled water, crossbows, guns, ammo, LOTS OF AMMO, gas masks, etc.

On a lighter note, be sure to wait until next week to tell your friends about my page. So many of y’all are spreading the word I’m afraid you’ll run out of friends soon and then I won’t be able to keep growing my page. Then once your friends check out my page next week remind them the week after to tell their friends and so on.

And remember, beware of zombies!