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Do NOT Register for Baby Clothes


Do NOT Register for Baby Clothes

Ladies, we all know that baby clothes are the most irresistible baby items. But, trust me when I tell you not register for them. Especially if you have a large family or have friends who had kids before you. This isn’t even HALF of the clothes I already own. The pile to the right is all the clothes I got at my baby shower yesterday.

Sorry to those who I have told will get some of my clothes when they have their kid but I’m keeping the new stuff. Hehe.

Also, you may get money from your party guests. I suggest using that money to open a savings account for the baby. I don’t know about many of you but the second I saw that money I immediately felt like it wasn’t mine. After all, a baby shower is like a pre-birthday for the baby, get year one started off with some stepping stones. If you actually look at all the stuff given to “you,” you realize it’s all the baby’s stuff. I mean, please tell me, you aren’t the one who’s going to be wearing the newborn size diapers or sucking on the pacifier. Ok, the breast pump is for you but read between the lines and that too is ultimately for baby.

So, gets baby’s life started without a hitch and save the little one’s money and respect it the same way you would want your own money respected. Do you REALLY want to be paying for their college tuition out of your own pocket come 18 years? Don’t forget inflation.

Now I have to figure out what to do with all these clothes. My baby will never go without a thing.