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Today’s Thoughts on Heath Ledger and Pregnancy


So I started out having a crappy morning until I saw a picture of Heath Ledger and then I smiled. He’s so sexy. I remember the day he passed. I was in Indianapolis with my cousins’ getting ready to eat lunch when one of them came out into the dining room telling us to turn the news on. “Heath Ledger has died today. Causes are still unknown. The actor was found-” I cried, he was suppose to be my future ex husband or secret lover at the very least. That happened, what, five years ago? Six years ago? You, sir, are still missed. I could not enjoy the new Batman movie because all I could think of was how great it WASN’T because The Joker died before his time. How could they even THINK about doing the next movie when it was so painfully obvious he was meant to be in it? It was pure blasphemy! I still have yet to find another actor to fall in love with and be my next future ex husband. FYI: my initial thoughts upon seeing the picture of Heath Ledger were not so gloomy, they were more along the lines of, “oh, well, good morning to you too, sir.” When my kid asks me about his father can I just tell him his father is Mr. Ledger? I guess, technically, I could until he learns how to do math, however, then he’ll probably have a serious complex and need therapy, it’s not worth all that money.

On a completely different note, I currently sit at school waiting for Professor W to show up and start class. While I wait (with my multitasking skills) I sift through my day planner and check my school email (Something I really should do more of. Sorry, Dr. R, I’m failing miserably at cutting that word out of my vocabulary.) I realize we have three weeks left of school and I still have five papers to write for my classes. Three are for one class and two of those three papers are short five paragraph essays, one of which is halfway written so it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. But not only is the end of the semester three weeks away, so is my due date! This window of time is just shrinking at an enormously fast rate; I can’t keep up. Seven months ago people would say to me, “You have plenty of time.” I would chuckle at them and think, “Yea, says you, the one NOT pregnant.” Now I cackle at them hysterically, on the verge of crossing into crazy town with a complimentary white jacket with oversized sleeves and white candies that makes you sleep. I’ve been told to make lists, prioritize, etc. Do you have any idea how hard that is to do when you’re pregnant with scrambled eggs for brains!? I’m lucky I can get my pants on in the morning and that’s no joke, cause I can’t reach; not to mention the growing pain I feel in my hips as each day passes. Ohhhh, how I need to calm down and breathe or I’ll surely accomplish nothing. Why are babies so stressful?