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Can’t I Play Video Games, Instead?


These papers are a┬álong, tedious process. It does not help that I am constantly getting distracted by this, that, and the other thing. It’s only a five paragraph essay, I GOT THIS! One paragraph down, four more to go. Just need to reread this tale, The Griffin, because I got two paragraphs into my paper and realized I was blending The Griffin with Iron Hans. I have no idea how this was happening, I just know that it did. Homework for all my classes should be the same so we just have to do it once on one day of the week and are then done with it. Ah, but only in a perfect world that doesn’t exist in this dimension.

Instead, this minuscule voice repeats over and over in my head, “Just play for twenty minutes, loosen up. You mind will be cleared and then you can easily finish writing that paper.” Little does this voice know, I have homework for other classes. And twenty minutes? HA, she makes me laugh.

I suppose I should (part of homework, eliminate can’t, should, and shut up from our vocab). I suppose I WILL get back to work.