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Forever Rest In Peace


I was traveling to school early this morning when the usual stop and go traffic started on the bridge that leads into town. It is the only bridge that takes you into town without having to go through downtown, who has worse traffic, or traveling 45 minutes south through another town. So, this 8 lane bridge gets extremely busy during rush hour, but this morning was worse than usual. We all traveled for an hour and a half at 10MPH, and 15MPH between on-ramps. Like many of you, I HATE traffic and have no patience for it. I yelled at people who were driving recklessly despite the heavy flow and cussed those out who wouldn’t let people over from an inevitably ending lane.

Finally, after sitting in this horrendous traffic for over an hour, we begin to see signs reading, “Accident ahead, right lane blocked.” Go figure, right? Every morning there is at least one to two, sometimes even three accidents but the signs normally say, “right SHOULDER blocked.” So how bad is this accident this morning?

Then the smell and smoke hit all at once. Three and a half hours after this tragedy occurred and the odor still hung in the air. The only scent I could really distinguish was burnt hair, the rest I could only determine as a fowl, rancid odor. I suppose it was flesh? I don’t know. Or flesh mixed with extinguisher? The accident soon came into view. The only thing that remained was the burnt frame of a Toyota Camry. As I looked upon the wreckage, I forgot all my aggravation and annoyance. It was clear there were no survivors. If there were it would truly be a miracle.

I could not focus on anything all morning. All I could think of was the accident, what happened to them? Despite what I saw, did they survive? I wanted to hope against all hopes they were alive and well. I did not get a good look but I thought I saw a child seat, or was it just clothes? I cried for these people I do not know and who have not had their names released yet. Finally, I brought myself to search the internet for this story (the news van was at the scene so that was my first clue it had already been reported) and found it immediately. 2 Killed in Crash on I-295 and my heart fell.

And you know what the only thing some people can think to say is? They can only assume the worst. The ugliness of people must always be displayed. No one can set it aside for even five seconds of their lives. Somewhere out there, a family is grieving the sudden loss of TWO loved ones. Then there are assholes saying, “oh they had to be drunk, or texting, or sleeping, or bitch bitch bitch bitch.” SHUT THE HELL UP AND PRETEND YOU ARE HUMAN, PRETEND WE ARE CONNECTED!

People make mistakes, but it has not been released yet as to what caused the accident. So, we don’t know whose mistake it is or if it’s anyone’s at all. Show some humility, people. It could have just as easily been someone you love in that accident. The last thing you want to read or hear is criticism of how the victim effed up.