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I feel like I started today with my moody foot first. Just how moody, do you ask? Click here for an idea. So I felt compelled to end it on a good note.

I am in good health, with my family that loves me, and I have the best friends a girl could hope for. What more could I ask for? Aside from an endless supply of money, of course.

As my day progressed it was proven to me that I am right to do my best not to be jealous of those women who have a significant other who is fully involved in their pregnancy. I have learned a valuable lesson today. That, unfortunately, some of us are better off on our own.

Several of us went out this afternoon to pick up dinner to bring home to the kiddies. As we waited for our food to cook there was a, um, we’ll say, gentleman who took the initiative to spark up a conversation with one of our group.

Before I go much further into this story, let me just say, the overall consensus of this “gentleman” after only a few words spoken was, “He’s a prick.”

One subject he briefly touched upon while in our company was the fact he had recently dropped $30,000 on an insemination for his wife which had not taken. Unfortunately, fortunately (you really would’ve had to meet the guy and form your own opinion to know for sure), the insemination did not take due to cysts on her ovaries that no one was aware of until after the procedure. Instead of this person being sympathetic to his wife, he blames her! He is mad at her for having cysts but more mad that he lost $30,000 and got nothing out of it. He insists that if he drops another $30,000 and it doesn’t take again, they’re just going to adopt. He just said it in a way…I cannot properly explain it, he was a D-bag. Just leave it at that. And I am glad I don’t have to deal with him.

Lesson learned. I accept what I do have. And am especially thankful for this guy.1379231_10202110542789941_1277005329_n