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The Daunting Third Trimester: Learn as I Go


Let us take today as a perfect example. The first trimester all over again but with a bigger belly and a severely limited wardrobe. This week’s homework for Principles of Communication is exceptionally difficult for me: show compassion for yourself and others.

How does one show compassion for themselves when they have been practicing for MONTHS to only think about their bun in the oven? I’ll tell ya how; by sleeping an extra hour and if you can’t then just laying there. If you’re running late, stop, take deep breaths, and tell yourself, “I’ll be there when I get there.” The little stuff or that’s what I do anyways.

The “other’s” part is a bit more difficult for me just because I have no patience. I mean NONE! Especially on a day like today when I wake up super-bitch-cranky. But I think I managed to handle this pretty decently. While at work, since I have a cool and understanding boss, I wore my headphones all day while I did my work. I did not risk unnecessary conversations in case I would be misunderstood or I misunderstood them. That would have just pushed me to the point of no return. Also, anyone that messaged me, I warned them by saying, “Hey, I’d like to talk to you but I’m too cranky right now. I will get back to you after my nap.”

I must say that this approach worked pretty decently up until I made the mistake of trying to write this blog before said nap. Of course once I got in the flow of it and began typing away to my little heart’s content, my computer messes up and closes out of the page containing the blog. Then the big ol’ ugly pregger monster came out, “RAWR, ME SMASH! AHHH!” Luckily I stopped myself before the desperate urge to break something took over and immediately relocated to my bed to lay down and sleep and it was the best sleep I had in days! Unfortunately, my mood was not improved by much due to carpal tunnel. Thank you, pregnancy for this malady I must now suffer on a daily basis with no relief.

Please, fellow readers, if there is anyone else suffering from a similar condition, help! What do you do to relieve the pain? Ice/hot packs do little for the pain, most days it feels like tylenol does even less, and exercises my doctor gave me only intensify the flaring pain that now radiates to my elbow. I have noticed days that follow a particularly active day the pain is worse. Finger’s crossed (painfully, but crossed) that my occupational therapy will do some good. Although, any and all suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Soon-to-be and anticipating mothers, consider yourselves warned. Not that making a baby isn’t a glorious and wonderful thing because it is, it’s just alot of work. Not just sleeping and eating. By the way, you lose sleep towards the end of the pregnancy. Hmm, I think I just solved the mystery of my crankiness. Endless nights of falling asleep after 2am.

Now entering mommyhood.