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Being a Mommy with Pets


So I’m currently trying to load a picture of my beautiful kitten, ok she isn’t a kitten but she still looks like she could be. She took after her mommy in that she’ll always look young, hehe. Anyways, picture! Yea, so, technology is completely against me! This computer, not loading the picture. It’s been attempting to load for about twenty minutes now. I tried switching to other forms of technology such as the tablet and once the picture was loaded, guess what! I wasn’t allowed to type anything.

Anyways, my cat. I’m worried about when my baby comes that she will feel neglected. To me, she is my first child. She is the best pet I have ever had and is the most loyal friend I know. She has always held my full attention and affection. She appears to be as excited about the baby as I am though. Once I conceived, instead of her cuddling up under my chin when we go to bed she began cuddling up on my belly.

But she is an extremely affectionate cat who needs attention. I’m afraid once the baby is here she may get jealous or sad.Maybe this is just another hormonal, pregnancy thing but I really am worried about her. I don’t want her to feel unloved because that is the farthest thing from the truth. My parents insist she’ll be fine, I’m just not so sure. Although, again, this could be my crazy hormones screaming out their uncertainties.

A part of me seems to feel like she senses the deadline on our unlimited snuggle time though. She fits in time to be near me every chance she gets.

I’m starting to feel crazy now. I’m crying about my cat, ha. Jeez, I hope this picture loads.