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We Are All Underway!


An update on Mr. Love, he and I spoke a couple of weeks ago about us and where we stand, he confirms that we do have a chance at working things out, however, it is a very long, hard road ahead of us to get there. I will tell you all what I told him, “I will fight for however long I need to, even if that means forever.” He is my heart. He used to be my whole heart but that was before Baby DC came along, so naturally he is considerably less but still my heart nonetheless.

Mr. Love has gone underway again meaning we are ALL now underway. While he is at sea, my baby will be born. It is so hard to believe that he is only four weeks from his due date. That is, if my doctor doesn’t determine him to be too heavy and decides to induce me. I can’t comprehend any of this. He is kicking me right now like crazy! Just think, anytime in the next 28 days he will be in my arms kicking me!

What will he look like? Who will he take after? Whose personality will he favor as he grows? Will he know how much I love him and everything I have done for him at this point? What does our future hold?

Mr. Love has not seen me since Christmas of 2012. The next time I see him, Christmas of 2013, I will be a mommy. Me! I can’t believe it!


We all have a lot in store this month.