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Halloweenish Wedding


As a child I was never one of those girls who fantasied about her wedding, so until recently I never had any plans for one beyond going to the court house and signing the marriage certificate then having a big blowout of a party. But now, haha NOW, I know!

I will get married on Halloween. Everyone will be required to wear a costume. If you don’t wear a costume you are not allowed to attend my wedding. I will be dressed up as the Corpses Bride with this makeup and this dress. I haven’t quite decided yet who my husband-to-be shall be required to dress up as. Hmm, at first I was thinking Jack Skellington but it won’t quite work as well if he isn’t bald and I’m not entirely sure that I want to marry Jack.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen will be dead Disney princesses and princes. I will allow them to fight over who is going to what prince and princess except the maid/matron of honor and best man. They will be dead Cinderella and Prince Charming cause she’s always been my favorite Disney princess. The rest can duke it out.

My wedding and reception must be in a haunted house or equally creepy location complete with black cats. Oh and skeletons for waiters, or ghosts, maybe both. When my husband and I run out to our limo to leave for our honeymoon, instead of rice being throw at us or running through a cloud of bubbles we’ll run through candy! It may hurt but it’s Halloween!

That is what I have set my heart on for my wedding and I will NOT budge. I don’t care what anyone says. Of course kids are more than welcome, they just need to make sure they bring their trick or treat bags and buckets and dress up uber-cute! Naturally, with the type of family I have we WILL have booze. It isn’t a party unless there is a wide selection of alcohol and someone is getting drunk. Besides, I don’t think my TiĆ³ (Spanish for uncle) would show up unless he is ensured a rum and coke in hand upon arrival.

My wedding will be epic and one of a kind. Although, now that I think of it I don’t think my grandma will like it much. In fact I know she will not approve one bit but oh well!!! She must have a costume, no excuse.